How Oslob Got Its Name

Oslob accidentally got its name in the year 1785. Who would have thought that a newly discovered tourist destination in Cebu, known for its friendly whalesharks, the beautiful shifting sandbar of Sumilon, and the unique Tumalog waterfalls, had been there for more than 300 years. The name "Oslob" came from a misunderstanding between the native couple Burong and Umpang and the two guardia civil. History has it that the native couple were eating boiled bananas while dipping it on brined anchovies (ginamos) under the cool shade of the tree in a place called "Nigad".

The two guardia civil who were new in the place, asked the couple "Como se llama esto pueblo?" which means "What is the name of this town?". Of course, without having been to Spain or studied Spanish language, the couple scratched their heads and thought the the guards were asking them what they were doing and they answered "Toslob", a bisaya word which means "dip". The two guards kept repeating the name "Toslob" after they left thinking that it was the name of the town. The Spaniards cannot pronounce it properly that it was later changed to "Oslob". As to what is the previous name of this town before it was named Oslob, nobody knew. The presence of the the Spaniards during that era is still visible in town through the ruins and old structures and now part of the tourist attractions in Oslob.

The "Nigad" is a spring in Daanglungsod near the Estaca. There is this big rock on the shore that has a tree on top and a flowing spring underneath that produces cool fresh water. Up to this very day, "Nigad" has been there to provide the locals water for washing, bathing, and even drinking. When there is shortage of water from the neighboring barangays, the Nigad has been a life saver of the "Oslobanons".