Whale shark Encounter

 Before their discovery in this area of the little barangay of Tan awan, people would only see these creatures closely in discovery channel. But not anymore. Everyone now has the chance to meet face to face with the whale shark. More popularly known to Filipinos as "butanding"  or to the locals as "tuki", this largest extant fish species have made Oslob famous. Swimming with the whale sharks is the main attraction in Oslob. These "butandings" have been tamed only in Oslob, Cebu for your viewing pleasure. Experience a one on one encounter with the gentle giants as close as point blank which you can't find nowhere else but only here. During the first moments of the whale shark encounter, you'll be startled with their size and not to mention the word "Shark" as its family name, but as soon as the panic dies down, you will appreciate the gentleness of these creatures. They only feed on planktons, so as long as you don't look like a krill, you have nothing to worry about.