How to Reach Oslob

The town of Oslob is located on the southern part of the island of Cebu. It is about 115 kilometers from Cebu City. It is now a major destination in the island of Cebu especially for people who love adventure. In fact, Oslob joins the ranks of famous tourist destinations in the Philippines like Boracay, El Nido, Palawan, and Bohol. Thanks to the  whale sharks, or more popularly known as "butanding" or "tuki" as the locals call it. Here you can literally swim with the butandings and the only place where you can be with these fishes as closest as possible.

Coming from Cebu City, travel time would range from 3 to 4.5 hours depending on the traffic situation and medium. Travel time is the reason why tourists choose to stay in hotels in Oslob rather than do a day trip when watching the Whale Sharks. Anyone can choose to take a taxi, a van for hire, or a bus. A taxi would cost you about ₱2000 to ₱2500 for one way. Van for hire, more popularly known as V-hire, have their own terminal on Citilink. V-hire fare is about ₱150 per head. There's no fixed time interval for these vans as it only depend on the volume of passengers arriving the terminal. The best way to go to to Oslob is by bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT). The easiest way to get to the terminal is by a taxi. From the airport to the CSBT, the approximate taxi fare is ₱220. From the Cebu port to CSBT, approximate taxi fare is ₱85. On the terminal, you can choose from Sunrays Bus Line or Ceres Liner. Take the bus with signboard "BATO via Oslob" on it.

It would be better to choose the aircon buses as it is more comfortable compared to the ordinary buses considering the length of the trip with a fare difference of less than ₱10 (My personal choice is the Ceres Liner aircon bus). Most Ceres aircon buses have television and wifi on board so you won't get bored during the whole trip. Buses leave at a fixed 30-minute interval regardless of the volume of passengers. Bus fare is about ₱140. Once on the bus , tell the driver or conductor to drop you off at the Oslob market. Oslob New Village Lodge is just a walking distance from there. The whaleshark watching area, Tumalog falls, Sumilon island, Heritage park and other destinations can be started from there.

Geographically, Dumaguete City is closer from Oslob as compared to Cebu City. If you are coming from Dumaguete City going to Oslob, you need to take a multicab going to Sibulan port for a fare of ₱11. From Sibulan port, you can choose to ride the fast ferry or the pumpboat.

Pumpboat fare is ₱50 while the fastferry is ₱60 plus a terminal fee of ₱10. The boats leaves at 2-hour interval but fast ferry and pumpboat take turns to leave every hour. Boat travel time is about 20 minutes. It is more convenient to ride the fast ferry because a Ceres aircon bus bound for Cebu City is waiting at the Liloan port when you arrive. Get on board the bus and drop off at Oslob market. You will pass by the whaleshark watching area in Tan awan, Tumalog falls, and Sumilon Island along the way but many guests prefer to stop at the town proper itself  because it is where many hotels and accommodations are located.

Travel time from Liloan to Oslob is 30 minutes and minimum fare for aircon buses is ₱60.

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